mobootystudios: Woah totally momentous occasion at the #TransatlanticFestival when artist Brian Butler traded his usual ink and pen illustration work for an electronic pen, iPad, and live broadcast! First act to be documented in that medium was opening band, Kazoots. @upperhandart posted more from the fest on his feed so check it out. #Kazoots #Kazootsband #Miami #rhythmfoundation #brianbutler #monicamcgivernphotography (at North Beach Bandshell) Thanks Monica!!

Insane Clown Posse concert drawing: pre Faygo-bath

Slayer, Doomriders, and Rozamov crushing Converse Rubber Tracks Live Boston. Probably the smallest show Slayer has played in like 2 decades. I think they enjoyed the novelty of it

The roof was on fire at tonight’s #RubberTracks 🔥 @chancetherapper got sensitive, @bambambaklava posed for selfies during the fire alarm, and @michaelchristmas absolutely slayed his hometown crowd. Seriously, Michael Christmas puts on an awesome show. Thanks @converse @rubbertracks (at The Sinclair)

#rubbertracks night 2! @passion_pit @bathsmusic @radclyffehallmusic tore it up at @thesinclair for @converse @rubbertracks (at The Sinclair)

Big night last night! @thereplacememts slayed @thesinclair alongside @dinosaurjr and The Young Leaves for @converse @rubbertracks 🍀 #rubbertracks (at The Sinclair)

conversemusic: Converse Rubber Tracks Live Boston I made some posters for conversemusic! Very much looking forward to heading back to Boston to draw at these events! If you’re in New England, RSVP for these shows opens tomorrow at noon. Don’t sleep! RSVP here: Here are tumblr links for:descendents bentshapes theyoungleaves rozamov chancetherapper michaelchristmas

Went to Argentina for an adventure in Iguazu. Successfully met wild monkeys 🙉🌈

Wish we were still there! I had such an awesome week in Austin doodling alongside the SXSWcreatrs. Here’s most of the pages from the Show Drawn sketchbook this week. Such an inspiring week!!