Also, homie jaimesalazar captured the euphoric eruption that was the Tickle Torture set at Webster Hall. Check out all his CMJ pics <3jaimesalazar: Tickle Torture. New York, NY. 2014

Drawing of Tickle Torture treating CMJ to an unforgettable night at Webster Hall. Also, Rain City.

mothxr Tiny Victories littledaylightsounds  Oxymoron drawn at Webster Hall during CMJ

beachdayband The Ocean Blue and Thunderbird Juicebox drawn during CMJ

Broken Water, Kal Marks, Grass is Green, Geronimo! drawn at Silent Barn during CMJ

KRILL, Two Inch Astronaut, Baked drawn during CMJ at The Silent Barn

KRILL, 2 Inch Astronaut, Baked #showdrawn during #CMJ (at The Silent Barn)

adultjazz and septembergirls drawn at Rough Trade

Sandwiched between two killer sets, I got to catch a little behind the scenes doodle time with adultjazz at cmj yesterday. Browsing records, Vinnie’s Pizza, coffee time and a little Brooklyn exploring. Then we fought off an angry paparazzi drone by the East River. No photo; these boys only get drawn.

@WampireMusic with their Show Drawn doodle at Paste Parlour CMJ