LA City Municipal Dance Squad: big supporters of both Show Drawn and Prince

Pistol Shrimps vs Shecago Bulls with halftime performance by @lacitymunicipaldancesquad 🏀🍤@pistolshrimpsradio (at North Weddington Recreation Center)

One more from #formarcosanti ft. Local Natives, Braids, and KodaktoGraph 🌹 what an amazing weekend, met so many terrific inspiring people at @experienceform (at Arcosanti, Arizona)

Thundercat, LNZNDRF, Bill Callahan, and Julia Holter at #formarcosanti (at Acrosanti)

Dan Deacon and Hundred Waters #showdrawn last night at #formarcosanti (at Acrosanti)

Day two at #formarcosanti ft poolside Skrillex, Sun Lux, Empress Of, and Rival Consoles (at Acrosanti)

MIJA Skrillex Bonobo and Four Tet drawn last night at #formarcosanti (at Acrosanti)