Psychic Mirrors blessed Miami with the finest boogie funk tonight at the PAMM

What a treat to catch @heladonegro at @pammpics tonight ✨Tinsel dancers✨ are sorta hard to draw haha (at Pérez Art Museum Miami)

I paused from drawing shows to make something sensitive on behalf of loveislouderofficial and Tumblr’s postitforward campaign. The root of which, I think, is to find an anchor that makes you happy and grab hold. If ya like it, it’s available online here Ok back to shows 🙂

@Vampirates and a little Where’s Waldo style Mind You in the corner at @churchills_pub (at Churchill’s Pub)

Machinist! Suburban Swamp Kids, Sponge, Nut Check at @churchills_pub (at Churchill’s Pub)

Neutral Milk Hotel made everyone tear up in Miami tonight

Made this sexy looking thing for erickthearchitect listen here:

Slayer, Doomriders, and Rozamov crushing Converse Rubber Tracks Live Boston. Probably the smallest show Slayer has played in like 2 decades. I think they enjoyed the novelty of it

Night 5 of #RubberTracks with DESCENDENTS @kingtuffy and @bentshapes at @thesinclair- such a solid week. Super grateful to be involved in this thing. Thanks @converse @rubbertracks ✌️ (at The Sinclair)

The roof was on fire at tonight’s #RubberTracks 🔥 @chancetherapper got sensitive, @bambambaklava posed for selfies during the fire alarm, and @michaelchristmas absolutely slayed his hometown crowd. Seriously, Michael Christmas puts on an awesome show. Thanks @converse @rubbertracks (at The Sinclair)