Homestretch, gougeawayfl Direct Effect drawn at 911 House… also shouts to descendents for bringing hoodies to The Fest, it was surprisingly cold, and I think they outfitted 50% of the kids in attendance.

False Punk, Grommet, Guilty Conscious drawn at 911 house during The Fest

The Flatliners, sinaivessel Awkward Age, rozwellkid and an amazing beyonce back-patch doodled at The Fest

Kaiju Big Battel started off Saturday morning at The Fest with a BATTLE ROYAL (with cheese) <3

Strike Anywhere and toucheamoreband sharing the stage with a highly highly involved crowd. So many stage dives. So awesome.

Paint It Black,  A Wilhelm Scream, and makedoandmend drawn at The Fest

A really great tattoo of Slimer drinking a pina colata, Ma Jolie, Post Teens, Night Birds, and people tying there shoes together, prepairing to watch Paint it Black at 8 Seconds.

chunsworld: Did a little commissioned piece for the talented artist Brian Butler’s “Show Drawn“ project. If you haven’t already; check his works out at:

OC45, and a ton of people standing in the registration line Halloween day at The Fest