🍑 @peachfuzzparty became TurkeyFuzz tonight in Miami 🍑 (at Soho Beach house)

@ErickArcElliott @MeechIsDEAD @ZombieJuicee of flatbushzombiez flicked with the showdrawn sketchbook in Miami the other night.

flatbushzombiez ( erickthearchitect )  theualifestyles ( issagold ) asaptwelvy drawn at Grand Central, Miami FL

🌴 @clockworkindigo #showdrawn in Miami 🌴 (at Grand Central)

Hey look! I talked with new friends at theseasick about some of the most fun shows I drew this year. Look and listen here: http://theseasick.com/post/103002093315/brian-butler-show-drawn-playlist

I drew a thing for Pharrell’s charity From One Hand To Another that is supposed to help empower kids who have it ruff. You can get it here if it makes you HAPPY http://bit.ly/supportfohta

thesilentbarn: Drawing of PC Worship, Future Punx, and Eaters @ the Silent Barn by Brian Butlerphoto by: upperhandart thesilentbarn found my doodle! Follow them if you’re in NYC and like shows, and records, and haircuts.

The Melvins and coliseumband drawn at The Fest. It would have been funny if Fozzie Bear didn’t like the drawing and gave me the black eye…

United Nations, Thou, and Circle Takes The Square drawn at The Fest

weakteeth directeffecthc Ex-Breathers, and Dredge drawn at the Atlantic during The Fest