The Casualties, Negative Approach, Acidosis, Old Habits, Super Mutantsat Churchill’s Pub, Miami 2013

Doodle from Centuries and Homestretch at Grown Up House, MiamiDefinitely impossible to draw during the show, (super packed and fun) so i doodles real quick between sets. 2013

Sketchbook doodles from Cold Cave, Jacuzzi Boys, Beach Day, Boxwood, Everymen, Hunters of the Alps at Respectable Street, West Palm, FL 2013

HiveLords, Sadgiqacea, and Sadie Hawkins at Miami house show 2013

Drawn at #briskbodega show with Metro Zu and Raider Klan 2013 Miami

Marilyn Manson and fans drawn at the Fillmore, Miami Beach 2013

Marduk, Moonspell, Inquisition, The Foreshadowing, and Death Wolf at Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale.

Meddling Kids, Aughtsong, Male Bondage, Teragrammaton, Testokra @ Churchill’s Pub, Miami 2013